Switch TODAY and save !

We’ve all seen the ‘switch and save’ insurance commercials.

“Customers that switched to Company X saved an average of $$$$!”

But, have you ever noticed they all claim to save customers that switch the same average amount?

“How can they all save me ‘$400’ if I switch?”

You may have asked yourself, “How can they all save me ‘$400’ if I switch? Doesn’t it cost about the same to insure the average person?” After all, the risks are similar and advertising costs are too. One company may be more efficient than others, but they all need employees, computers, paper, postage, agents and lawyers, right?

After you switch, I’m sure you’ve also noticed your policy premiums almost always increase when your policy renews. “Dang!, I thought I was going to save money?! Maybe I should try the other company this time?”

The answer is simple, if you think about it.

They all know most of us are going to be disappointed when our insurance costs go up. So, their ‘switch and save’ rates are priced to lure us away from our current carrier. They are paying for your business. They all do it. It’s built into the business model. They’re gambling we’ll stay long enough to recoup their expense because we like their commercials, or their agent is a nice guy, or our father always bought from them. Basically, the same reasons we all tend to buy the same brand of automobile, coffee, kitchen appliance, or blue jeans.

Some may go a step further. Coverage costs money. Some of those quotes you see on-line include ‘suggested’ or ‘recommended’ coverage that may be less than you currently have or need to adequately protect yourself.

So if they all do it, how do you know you’re getting the policy you need at the best rate?

Simple. Find an independent insurance broker you trust that can shop multiple insurance companies when your rate increases.

At Carruth Insurance, we have access to many house-hold insurance names offering Home, Auto, Life and Commercial insurance. We are not obligated to any of them. We are free to do what is best for you, our client.

When your policies renew we’ll always look to see if they increase more than reasonably expected. When they do, we shop all those companies to make sure you’re still getting the coverage you need for the bast price.

Give us a call today, or use our website to get a quote and let’s get to know each other.

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All the best,


Richard Carruth is Principal and Owner of Carruth Insurance.