A Look At Some Common Flood Insurance Myths

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Flood Insurance Myths

A severe flood can cause substantial damage to your property. That’s why it is vital that you have protection. Flood insurance allows you to protect your property and belongings. You’ll be covered if your clothing, electronics, furniture, stove, or furnace is damaged as a result of a severe flood. While you are researching different policies, avoid some of these common flood insurance myths.

I Don’t Need Insurance If I Stay In An Area That Doesn’t Flood.

Even if you do not stay in a high-risk area, it is important that you have protection in the event of an emergency. You never know when there will be an issue with the drainage system in your area. Research shows that your home is more likely to flood than catch on fire, even if you stay in a low-risk area.

I’ll Rely On My Home Or Rental Policy.

This is a mistake, as many homes and rental policies do not contain full flood coverage. While you may be able to protect the unit, the easiest way to ensure that your personal belongings are covered in the event of a flood is to have a separate policy.

I’ll Wait Until Spring.

This is not a wise strategy. While the spring is known for having large amounts of rain in most areas, it is not a good idea to wait until the rainiest season of the year to look at coverage. You may experience a grace period before your coverage starts. Research coverage while things are dry.  

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How to Choose a Life Insurance Policy

Those that are in the Beaumont, TX area will have a lot of different insurance needs. A great type of protection that all residents in this area of Texas should think about getting is life insurance, which is valuable as it can provide protection to your dependants. When you are looking for life insurance here, there are several factors to take into consideration to ensure you choose the best policy for your situation.

Determine Coverage Needs

When you are looking for life insurance, you need to consider your coverage needs carefully. A life insurance policy should protect the financial future of your dependants. Due to this, it should be able to cover all future expenses that they could have, including the costs of housing, education, and living expenses. It would be best if you made a conservative estimate of what these costs could be and then make a decision about your policy limit. 

Consider Policy Type

Another critical factor to consider is the type of insurance policy that you will get. The two most common forms of life insurance are term and whole life. With a term life policy, you will receive coverage for a certain period. This often provides the most affordable coverage. Another good option is whole life insurance. While whole life can cost more, there are long-term investment advantages that come with this form of life insurance as well. 

Choosing a life insurance policy in Beaumont, TX is a big decision. When you are looking for life insurance coverage here, you should call Carruth Insurance. The team at Carruth Insurance can provide you with the support that you need to pick a new life insurance policy. Contact our office to learn how to get started.

Talking to Your Teen About Auto Insurance

There are over 17 million registered drivers in Texas, and every year, tens of thousands of new drivers are added to the list. The roads of Beaumont TX and the surrounding region continues to become increasingly crowded, combing more drivers of varying degrees of experience. If you have a new teen driver, it can be helpful to have a discussion about their new responsibilities and even the role auto insurance plays. Carruth Insurance recommends discussing the following topics with your teen driver.

Talking About Car Insurance

Be upfront with your teen about the necessity of auto insurance and its costs. Make them aware why costs are so high for new drivers and how safe driving can gradually lower these costs over time. Explain the difference between comprehensive and liability coverage and how the automobile they drive impacts choices. If you would like assistance with this discussion, contact the professionals at Carruth Insurance.

Discuss Distracted Driving

One of the major issues with young drivers is the problem of distracted driving. Each day in the United States, over 1,000 people are injured and about 9 people killed as the result of distracted driving. While distracted driving includes cellphone use, it also includes eating and driving, manipulating the infotainment system and more. Stress the importance of focusing on the road ahead and defensive driving.

Explain the Importance of Experience

Getting a driver’s license is not an achievement as much as it is the beginning of building safe driving habits and gaining experience. Auto insurance for teen drivers is so expensive, in part, because they have such little experience. New drivers should be encouraged to complete each driving tasks safely while building upon that experience.

If you are adding a new driver to the family, we invite you to contact us at Carruth Insurance. We serve drivers throughout the Beaumont TX area with competitive auto insurance rates for drivers of all ages. Let us get a no-obligation quote for you today. 

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Is commercial insurance required by law in Texas?

Beaumont, TX is a great place to own a small business. Most of the companies in Texas are considered small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees. Texas has a large, strong economy that encourages companies to thrive.

There aren’t many legal requirements in Texas when it comes to commercial insurance. Automobile insurance is treated differently because of its ability to affect others, and a commercial insurance policy must cover all company-owned vehicles in Texas. Keep in mind that if you are using a personal vehicle for company business, your insurance will probably not protect you in the event you are in a motor vehicle crash.

At Carruth Insurance, we understand how important it is to protect your small business. If anything were ever to happen, such as a fire or burglary, you need the protection that insurance provides. Without insurance, you have to pay out of pocket for any damages, including damage to your building, damage to your supplies and equipment, and liability claims from outside parties. One big claim could bankrupt a small business.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may be required to carry insurance on anything you still owe money on. Whether for personal property, automobiles, or equipment, most loans require the borrower to maintain full coverage until the loan is completely paid off. If you fail to do so, the lender can purchase a policy and add it to the loan amount. The insurance chosen by lenders won’t necessarily be the best deal for you. 

If you have a small business in Beaumont, TX, don’t wait too late to get the protection you need. Call Carruth Insurance today so we can help you find a policy that works for you.

Important questions to ask about your home insurance policy

Most homeowners in the Beaumont, TX area know the importance of carrying a homeowners’ policy for protection. However, not all insurance policies are created equal, so it is critical to ask important questions about the coverage before picking a policy. 

Am I required under my policy to perform specific maintenance tasks?

It is unlikely that your insurance carrier will require you to carry out specific maintenance tasks. You will, however, be required to maintain the home properly. In the event there is a claim, and it is determined that the claim could have been mitigated or avoided through proper maintenance, you could be denied coverage. 

Are my belongings covered?

Yes and no. Most homeowners’ policies will provide you with coverage for your personal belongings up to a specific limit. You must have a reliable inventory of your personal belongings and know how much they are worth to ensure you have enough coverage. It is also important to note that luxury items such as fine art and jewelry will have a small limit under the policy. If you have a significant amount of luxury items, you will want to discuss with your insurance agent at Carruth Insurance about additional coverage.

What is the claims process? 

In the event you need to file a claim under your policy, it is vital to be comfortable in advance with the claims process. You will want to find out if there is a 24-hour number to call for assistance. On the other hand, if you prefer to handle things online, you will want to ensure there is an online process. You should also find out what type of paperwork is required to file a claim in advance. 

If you live in the Beaumont, TX area, and are interested in learning more about homeowner insurance, reach out to an agent at Carruth Insurance today. We are happy to assist with all of your insurance needs.