A Look At Some Common Flood Insurance Myths

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Flood Insurance Myths

A severe flood can cause substantial damage to your property. That’s why it is vital that you have protection. Flood insurance allows you to protect your property and belongings. You’ll be covered if your clothing, electronics, furniture, stove, or furnace is damaged as a result of a severe flood. While you are researching different policies, avoid some of these common flood insurance myths.

I Don’t Need Insurance If I Stay In An Area That Doesn’t Flood.

Even if you do not stay in a high-risk area, it is important that you have protection in the event of an emergency. You never know when there will be an issue with the drainage system in your area. Research shows that your home is more likely to flood than catch on fire, even if you stay in a low-risk area.

I’ll Rely On My Home Or Rental Policy.

This is a mistake, as many homes and rental policies do not contain full flood coverage. While you may be able to protect the unit, the easiest way to ensure that your personal belongings are covered in the event of a flood is to have a separate policy.

I’ll Wait Until Spring.

This is not a wise strategy. While the spring is known for having large amounts of rain in most areas, it is not a good idea to wait until the rainiest season of the year to look at coverage. You may experience a grace period before your coverage starts. Research coverage while things are dry.  

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